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Business listings audit & reporting

  • Are you struggling to manage business information on local search engine results?
  • Do your business listings appear on some local search engines but not others?
  • Is your business information listed with the wrong phone numbers, address or website?

Our business listings audit team analyzes the completeness of your business information across multiple search engines, arming you with the knowledge you need to fix.

We provide summary reports for individual business locations, as well as detailed spreadsheets allowing you to view information about many locations at once.

We highlight any variations or errors in name, address, phone number, and web address. Request An Audit

Ensure business listings information is accurate

  • How does incorrect information arrive at the search sites in the first place?

Possible Instances

  • Publishers pick up business listings from traditional business directories, other online sources and publish on their platform. Not necessary all the publishers verify the business listings by calling the businesses and take an approval before publishing the listing.
  • Changes in the listings of businesses are not known to the publishers, business owners vice-versa. Because business owners are not aware of what all local search engines have their business listings live? Who added it? Who edited it? & most importantly, they don’t own their business listings on several search engines.
  • Brands and business owners close, shift, sell or rename their stores; but that’s not known to local publishers and business owners. They are not proactive enough to inform the publishers to do the changes.

Whatever the cause, an incorrect search result leads to angry customers and missed revenue opportunities. Listing audit identifies primary business information errors at the major local search engines arming you with the knowledge you need to correct them.Request An Audit

Ensure business information is consistent

Consistency is nearly as important as accuracy in local search results. Mismatched address information (for instance, wrong address format, unrecognized pin codes) can lead to errors in geo-coding and can decrease the confidence of search engine algorithms regarding your physical location.

Business titles for certain locations may not meet company branding guidelines. In some cases, websites or web pages listed on a particular search engine may not be the company’s highest-converting page for that location.