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Research & Insights

Research & Insights

Consumers side

  • They lose trust in a brand and a local business, when the online listings show incorrect information.
  • They also lose trust in a brand and a local business if they are lost walking or driving to a location because of an incorrect address and geo location of the listing.
  • Consumers would go to a competitor if they receive special offers while searching for a specific business.

Consumers-what they search internet for?

  • To locate nearby brands stores, retailers, restaurants, ATM etc

What device they use to search local and how much?

  • 15% of desktop & 55% of mobile queries have local intent.

What they come across?

  • 15% of all local businesses are not even listed online.
  • 30% of business listings online have an incorrect or missing address and phone numbers.

What happens when they don’t get what they were searching for?

  • 60% of consumers change their decisions.

When consumers visit a business for the first time

  • Consumers drive to where they think the business is located and hope for the best.
  • Consumers get location details from their smartphones while they are on their way.
  • Consumers research and confirm the location information detail before leaving.

When consumers blame the brands and local businesses?

  • Consumers blame business when online listing of the business shows inconsistent information. They lose trust in the business and publishers too.

Consumers research online – and shop offline

  • Getting found in local search means more sales for your business and less for your competition. Especially since consumers doing local online search have already made the purchasing decision, they are only looking for help deciding where to spend their money.
    • Over 60% of all consumers search online for local businesses.
    • On an average, 40% of those consumers shop locally as a result of their search.
    • Consumers are using their mobile devices and map apps to find businesses now more than ever and the trend is up.
    • Most of the consumers use search for researching products or services in their local area.
    • Consumers are using mobile search to seek richer information just prior to purchase.
    • Consumers are also searching online for the information and using it offline for their local purchase decisions.
    • 60% of mobile searches trigger an action within an hour of their initial search.
    • 50% of follow up actions triggered by mobile search occurs within 5 hours.