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Event Venues & Promotors

Event Venues & Promotors

Types of marketing done by Event Venues, Organisers, Promoters

  • Traditional: Events promotion in national or local news papers, in-premise/ in-store promotions.
  • Digital: Google ad words, sponsored banners, paid ads on events listings or events promotion platforms.
  • PR Activities: Pre-event and post-event coverage’s, interviews with artists, venues by National Newspapers, lifestyles websites, blogs etc.

Event Venues & Promoter Expectation from the campaigns- Credibility & More Business

  • Traditional medium ad campaigns help the consumers with the knowledge, create a need, strengthen the needs, and develop confidence in the brand or business
  • The % of event lovers is very low and event goers are very specific to the types of events. Event goers have interests and loyalty towards the promotions which are relevant to their tastes and preferences. A book exhibition lover and nightlife event lover may not refer to the same source for upcoming events information. Until the medium offers comprehensive listings of events in different categories. Some of the digital promotion mediums are vertical in nature and prefer to have listings for the targeted audience.
  • The venues and promoters try their level best to make sure their upcoming events details are listed on several digital platforms

What Venues & Event Promoters should do?

  • They should make sure their events listings and rich content are published across all the events listings promotion publishers, so that the event goers get the consistent information about the events wherever their searching for.

What’s the problem?

  • Venues & Event Promoters are not aware about what all events listings website and apps would like to publish their events.
  • They may not have the comprehensive list of events listings website, apps, contact details and contact persons.
  • They are mostly dependent on few proactive publishers content team, who contact them to list their events on their platform and end up listing their events on only few websites and mobile apps.
  • They find it very difficult to send the events details to publishers separately.
  • They miss out listing their events are several web and mobile platforms.

What Datacafe will do?

  • You submit once, we submit everywhere.
    We distribute and publish your event to the Datacafe’s events listings publisher’s network.
  • We save your time.
  • We help you to use targeted web and mobile publisher’s platforms.