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Types of marketing done by businesses and brands

Traditional: Ad campaigns in national or local newspapers, sponsored event partnerships, hyperlocal ad campaign, shoppers marketing, in-store marketing.
Digital: Google AdWords, sponsored banners.

Brands & businesses expectations from the campaigns – better credibility & more business

  • Traditional medium ad campaigns help the consumers with the knowledge, create a need, strengthen the need, develop confidence in the brand or business and lead consumers to the path of purchase.
  • Only certain % of consumers would purchase the products in the first hand. Most of the consumers may or may not have the authority to buy the product or services, but there will be someone who is an influencer, an evaluator and who has an authority to take decisions in buying the products.
  • Sometimes customers take time to decide and have a real reason to buy the particular product. And when they have decided to buy the product, it’s not necessary that the seller’s information is available. So they start asking their kith and kins, searching on different search platforms and end up getting recommendations.
  • Once they get the recommendations of store names of the product they want to buy, they would start calling on the contact numbers. The real problem starts here; when the customer may not have the accurate contact numbers, store may not be selling the product or brand any more.
  • Now the whole effort of a new customer acquisition by spending several thousands of dollars is going in vain. Customer is unhappy and ends up changing their decision to buy the same brand, switch to another brand or part with the decision of buying the product.

This problem is large, critical and blatant.
What brands and businesses should do?

They should make sure that their business listings and rich content is uniform across web & mobile publishers, so that the consumers get the consistent information and brands get the sale, customer confidence and referrals.

What is the difficulty here?

  • Brands and businesses don’t even know the list of publishers who have their business listings.
  • Who listed them and when?
  • What information is floating across publishers?
  • What kind of customers are searching for their products and services?
  • How easy or difficult is to explore the list of relevant publishers?
  • Who is the right person to speak with each publisher, to know, what kind of information or data is required by each publisher?
  • Identify the issues, fix the issues, claim the business listings, get the closed outlets listings removed etc.