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what is Datacafe

What is Datacafe?

Our Services

Our business listings audit team analyzes the completeness of your business information across multiple search engines, arming you with the knowledge you need to fix. We provide summary reports for individual business locations, as well as detailed spreadsheets allowing you to view information about many locations at once. We highlight any variations or errors in name, address, phone number, and web address.

Business listings audit & reporting

Are you struggling to manage business information on local search engine results?

Do your business listings appear on some local search engines but not others?

Ensure business listings information is accurate

How does incorrect information arrive at the search sites in the first place?

Ensure business information is consistent

Consistency is nearly as important as accuracy in local search results. Mismatched address information

(for instance, unrecognized zip codes or conflicting street addresses)

Research & Insights

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